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Beginners Ride 2024

Learn how to ride a dirtbike, or expand you skills.

June 15, 2024
Millville, MN

Dirtbike School Classes Coming Soon

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Federal Highway Administration

Who is this ride for:

  • This ride is intended for those that are new to dirt bike riding.

  • For riders that are not yet comfortable riding in the trees.

  • For riders that want to spend more time in a field or on wider trails.

  • For riders that want to gain some experience without any pressure.

Who is this ride NOT for:

  • NOT for riders with experience.

  • NOT for racers of any skill level - A, B or C


Beginners Ride Information

Here are the details for the event:

Dirtbike School Registration


Spring Creek MX Park

We use the facilites at the Spring Creek MX Park in Millville, MN for this event.

The park is located at:

63633 298th Ave
Millville, MN 55957

Link to a Google Maps for directions.

Do not let the park name scare you.  :)  This event is for new riders.

Riding Opportunities:

New riders are welcome

There will be open area riding, there will be some areas with cones setup to practice starting, stopping and turns.

There will be some trails to practice on; wide open and easy single track. There will be some knowledgeble riders there that will be patient and willing to help provide some guidance.

Riders will need to have some basic skills and have their own bike to ride.

There will be Dirtbike School held this day as well. Preregistration will be required to attend Dirtbike School. See below for pricing. Rental bikes can be arranged for Dirtbike School attendees. People who register for Dirtbike School do not need to register for the event.  Dirtbike School covers the cost of the general event registration.  Contact us for more information related to Dirtbike School -

Minors must have a parent or guardian in attendance.


Low cost entry

Adult - $15

Child (12 and under) - $10

Maximum cost of $50 per family.

Dirtbike School - $75 for non-club members (TCTR covers the rest of the costs)
Dirtbike School - $50 for TCTR club members (TCTR covers the rest of the costs)


Saturday, June 15th, 2024 - 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Event times


What is needed

  • A desire to learn how to ride a dirtbike or a desire to get better at riding a dirtbike

  • A motorcycle helmet

  • Eye protection

  • Long sleave shirt/jersey

  • Long pants

  • Gloves

  • Over the ankle boots

  • ARMCA/District 23 membership; non-competition ($10/person or $25/family) or competition card

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